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Code of Conduct

To ensure that all members and their guests are aware of the standards expected of them, the following, outlines the main parameters of behaviour acceptable to the club.

1. Members shall treat all: other members, spectators, players and umpiring officials with respect.

2. Members shall treat the pavilion, ground and facilities of the club with respect. Dressing rooms, toilet facilities and bar areas shall be left clean and tidy.

3. Any equipment provided by the club for use before, during or after cricket related activities remains the property of the club and should be suitably looked after and maintained.

4. Should any member, guest or visitor cause any physical damage to club property they will be charged in full to replace/repair the item.

5. Members shall behave with good manners and shall not use inappropriate or offensive language. Members should thank voluntary helpers for their services. (eg Tea ladies)

6. Members shall supervise and control the behaviour of their guests, children and pets, whilst on club premises, so that they do not interfere with the pleasure of members and do not damage the fabric of the club.

7. Members shall observe the instructions of bar staff and leave the premises promptly after licensing hours.

8. Members and accompanying adults shall set the correct example to junior players and junior individuals when participating in or supporting any cricket activity involving the club.

9. Electronic communications: email, mobile phone and internet correspondence shall not be used to transgress the required code of conduct.

10. Members are expected to observe the above code of conduct when visiting opposition clubs.

Anyone wishing to report a serious breach of this Code of Conduct should do so through any member of the Club’s General Committee. The incident will initially be assessed by the Committee (or subset thereof) and if deemed appropriate may then be subjected to the Club’s laid down ‘Disciplinary Procedure’

The Code of Conduct is displayed within the clubhouse.



Disciplinary Procedure

1. Disciplinary Hearing

i) A 'disciplinary hearing will be conducted if;

- Any member has caused a breach of the Club's 'Code of Conduct', and

- It has been reported to a member of the Clubs General Committee, and

- After consideration of the facts as presented, it is deemed appropriate by the majority of the committee

ii) The 'disciplinary hearing' will be carried out by a 'disciplinary committee' which shall be composed of at least three members of the General Committee who shall be appointed by the Chairman (or Secretary in his absence).

iii) The Disciplinary Committee will meet as soon as possible and the alleged offending member will be given at least 24 hours notice of the date and time of the hearing.

iv) The member shall be given the opportunity to attend the hearing in person and, if he so wishes, may be accompanied by a third party of his choice who may witness proceedings and speak on behalf of the member.

v) If the member decides not to attend the hearing it shall be conducted in his absence.

vi) Evidence to the hearing may be submitted in writing or in person.

vii) Every effort will be made to ensure that the disciplinary hearing is conducted in sufficient time for a potential appeal to also be heard during the same week - i.e. before the following weekend matches.

2. Penalties

i) If at the hearing the Disciplinary Committee find the alleged offence proven, they shall have the power to impose any of the following penalties;

- Termination of club membership

- Suspension of club membership for a stated period

- A deffered suspension siubject to undertakings regarding future behaviour

- A reprimand

3. Right of Appeal

i) A player found by the Disciplinary Committee to have committed an offence, or upon whom the Disciplinary Committee has imposed a penalty, shall have the 'Right of Appeal' against any imposed penalties.

ii) An appeal must be delivered in writing or via e-mail to the secretary within 24 hours of the decision of teh Disciplinary Committee, together with a deposit of £25. If this is not strictly complied with, the right to appeal shall be sacrificed.

iii) A decision to proceed with the appeal will only be made if its basis is founded on one of the following reasons;

- Incorrect application of the Disciplinary Procedure

- An unreasonable penalty imposed by the Disciplinary Committee

- False/incorrect information having been presented at the initial hearing

iv) Upon receiving a valid notice of appeal, the enforcement of the original penalty shall be deferred until the appeal outcome in known.

4. Appeal Hearing

i) The Appeal Hearing shall be carried out by an Appeal Committee which shall be composed of three club members, appointed by the Chairman (or Secretary in his absence). The personnel shall differ from the original Disciplinary Committee.

ii) The Appeal Committee may confirm, vary or reverse the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

iii) An appeal that is considered by the Appeal Committee to be frivolous, and to present no new information relative to that presented at the original Disciplinary Hearing. will be considered wasting the time of the Appeal Committee and will result iin the member forfeiting the £25 deposit. The penalty may also be increased.

5. Closure

i) The decision of the Appeal Committee, or where there is no appeal, the Disciplinary Committee, shall be considered final.

The Disciplinary Procedure is displayed within the Clubhouse

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